Texts of experiences were provided by respective participants. They also furnished personal photos to accompany their input. Some additional photos were provided by the editor.

The “Information Highway” was used to obtain an assortment of supporting images and sound:

CIA FACTBOOK. This source, available through any number ‘sites’, provided color maps of Korea and the surrounding area.

OFFICIAL WEB-SITE OF THE USMC. (http://www.usmc.mil) was sourced for various images, especially ‘anchor and globe’.

U. S. NAVY WEB SITES. 'Anchors Aweigh' & 'Eternal Father'. For initial access to Navy sites and resources use (http://www.navy.mil).

TRADITIONAL KOREAN ‘GENRE’ PICTURES. The ‘Kimchi’ and ‘Laundry’ photos were downloaded from:

REPUBLIC OF KOREA FLAG IMAGE. This was downloaded from http://www.easc.indiana.edu/pages/korea/koreapic.htm and is used with permission.

F4U CORSAIR SQUADRON PHOTOS. These, provided through the courtesy of Mr. Smitty Huffman of Jacksonville, Florida, are from a collection belonging to his father, the late Herbert T. “Herb” Huffman,who served in that squadron in Korea during the war. He is shown in the cockpit of a Corsair in one of the photos.

KOREAN MEMORIAL PHOTOS. These were taken by and furnished by Mr. Bob Fuca of Simi Valley, California. Bob served in the 1st Marines in 1952 and was wounded in the ‘outpost wars’.

EAST COAST PHOTOS. The vast majority of these were taken by the then XO of Easy 2/7, 1st Lt Tim O’Reilly. These were provided by Gerry O’Keefe, who also included a few of his own. The editor added a couple of his own photos from that area.

EDITOR’S PERSONAL COLLECTION. This was the source for most of the remaining photos. As stated above texts from contributors were generally accompanied by ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos from the authors.

U.S. MARINE OPERATIONS IN KOREA, VOLUME V. This official history was the source of the various black and white line-art maps of the east, west and EUSAK fronts, and the diagram of defense positions on OUTPOST RENO. It was also the source for locating POW camps in North Korea as well as the brief description of some POW activities.

TACTICAL MILITARY MAPS. These maps, provided by the editor, were used in Korea in 1952.

THE MARINE CORPS GAZETTE. This publication gave permission to reprint two articles from the ‘Gazette’:

“ON GOING TO WAR” by LtGen Bernard E. Trainor, April 1996

“NIGHT RAID ON HILL 67” by Maj Dennis D. Nicholson, Jr., September 1953

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PAMPHLET NO. 30-51: HANDBOOK ON THE CHINESE COMMUNIST ARMY, SEP 1952. This manual was the primary source for information and pictures on the “enemy”.

MUSIC. Music came from two basic sources:


Major Choi, Sang Bok (MC), Assistant Naval Attache, Korean Embassy, Washington, D.C. furnished two cassettes of Korean martial music. One included the “Taps” used in the ‘In Memoriam’ section.

2ND BATTALION, 7TH MARINES COMMAND DIARIES. Kelly Joyce provided these excerpts as well as the medical statistics, airphoto of Outpost Reno, and diagram of the 2/7 reserve area south of the Imjin.

F4U CORSAIR IDENTITY PLATE: This was recovered by Mr. Robert Moore of St Augustine, Florida. At the time he served in the 780th Field Artillery, Xth Corps, U.S. Army.