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These new maps are the product of several months work. They provide a 3D representation of the 1st Marine Division front and outposts in 1952 and 1953. The maps were produced by Boyd Shearer of "outrageGIS" (a geographic information system software company). The topo maps used were mine and one from Mick Trainor. Though I had some data on some of the outposts the vast majority of data on those outposts was furnished by Lee Ballenger from the data he collected for his book on the outpost wars. Lee furnished a copy of his map of the division area depicting the MLR and outposts, probably the only such map in existence. He was helpful throughout the process of developing the 3D maps. To him I owe a lot.

While I hold copyright on the maps they may be downloaded by anyone who served on those outposts as long as it is for their own personal use. Print copies may be made for the same purpose. Use in publications of any sort or on the internet is not authorized.

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NOTE: Some of the maps are large, particularly the one megabyte "Locator Map....", but I think you will find the wait time worth it. Just pick a slow traffic time and then save it to your disk for future reference. I have other larger versions in JPG, TIF and PDF formats but they are too large to use here.


This will expand continuously as new photos become available. Added Sept 2001.

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