The picture is on the MLR on some hill we, G-3-1, were on I believe the summer of '52, though it could have been spring or fall. I don't recall what the hill was. I had come back from a patrol that evening. The light colored hill above my left shoulder (your right hand side) in the distance is the Chinese occupied hill Yoke. As you can see, it's been hit by artillery & air strikes quite a bit, and is devoid of vegetation.

....the picture was taken the morning (or afternoon) after one of our night time patrols out in no-man's land. We were given camoflage utilities to wear on the patrol, for the first time that evening. I believe I was the squad leader of the patrol, accompanied by a lieutenant. As I recall it was a routine patrol, without incident. We'd go out at dark, set up out in no-man's land for some hours, hoping that we'd catch a gook patrol.

Semper Fi,