Eclectic collection of 2ndBn7thMar photos--mostly Fox Company--1952
Betz & Waite F/2/7 1stSgt F/2/7 Author F/2/7
F/2/7 on break Fox 5 F/2/7 Waite F/2/7
2/7 C.O. LtCol Caputo CP bunker F/2/7 Twomey F/2/7
Dawson F/2/7 Hirschman & Waite F/2/7 Taylor-skipper F/2/7
Dawson & Twomey F/2/7 Pre Patrol Brief F/2/7 Pre Patrol brief F/2/7
"Doc" Corpsman F/2/7 ??? F/2/7 Pre Patrol brief F/2/7
Joyce, Twomey & Van F/2/7 Pre Patrol Brief F/2/7 Twomey clips Waite F/2/7
O'Malley of 81's 2/7 Helo at F/2/7 Waite & KSC's F/2/7
Operation Snatch 229 F/2/7 Top, Gunny & Helo F/2/7 Bunker Timber F/2/7
2/7 in reserve F/2/7 in rear of 229 Author & Waite F/2/7
2/7 in reserve ???? Twomey & Wynn F/2/7
2/7 in reserve Twomey F/2/7 At F/2/7 CP
C.O. 7th Marines Waite F/2/7 Skipper at water hole F/2/7
Steigerwald F/2/7 Twomey f/2/7 At 2/7 Bn CP
Fearless Fox 5, F/2/7 Bn Surgeons 2/7 Skipper in bunker F/2/7
Top & Gunny F/2/7 Field Hair Cut F/2/7 Easy Med
Twomey F/2/7 Awards Ceremony F/2/7 Rice paddies
Waite & Twomey on 229 F/2/7 Awards Ceremony F/2/7 Paddies & huts
Waite F/2/7 Zaro S3 & Caputo Bn CO Paddies & civilians
Waite F/2/7 Twomey & Kieswetter F/2/7 Med evac F/2/7
Air from 229 F/2/7 ??? good guy "EE" Smith-clerk F/2/7
Andy Hare FO w/ 2/7 Betz F/2/7 Night watch
Betz & ??? F/2/7 Top & Gunny F/2/7 Waite & Twomey F/2/7
Betz & Waite F/2/7 ??? & 'Doc' F/2/7 "Ski" supply clerk F/2/7
Briefing F/2/7 Rainbolt F/2/7
Waite F/2/7 Twomey F/2/7
Waite F/2/7 Skipper(Taylor)&TwomeyF/2/7
Wireman/Comm F/2/7 Protestant chaplain 2/7
Arty Demo in reserve Red Hill thru BC scope F/2/7
??? F/2/7 Silva S2 2/7
F/2/7 rear w/ tanks Dr Overy, Bn Surgeon 2/7
F/2/7 rear Waite & laundry F/2/7
F/2/7 rear F/2/7 CP
View from OP 2 E/2/7 Pre Patrol Brief F/2/7
??? good guy Pre Patrol Brief F/2/7
2/7 liaison to regt F/2/7 CP
Gunny etal F//2/7 ??? F/2/7
Hill 67 from OP 2 Mass at 229 F/2/7
author F/2/7 Msgt Romano 2/7
author F/2/7 Officer's mess 229 F/2/7
KMC's Propaganda
2/7 CommO Pafford ??? 2/7
F/2/7 Pre-patrol brief Rose 2/7
Rose 2/7 staff & E/2/7 Author F/2/7
Silva S2 & Betz F/2/7 Purple Hearts F/2/7
CO F/2/7 Taylor Awards ceremony F/2/7
Staff NCO's F/2/7 Betz F/2/7
Maj Zaro 2/7 S3 Murphy & Quackenbush 2/7
Clerk & 'friend' F/2/7
Eschel "EE" Smith F/2/7